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About Us

What is Crypto Tonight?

The inception of Crypto Tonight began in 2018 as a Youtube channel. The idea was spawned due to the lack of exciting, informative content on the internet. Crypto Tonight brings realistic interaction to people all over the world, where fun is part of the package!

Co-Founders Rob & Darko created the channel to have a positive impact on new comers and people already in the space.

Since its inception, we have produced over 400 videos. Together, Rob & Darko have interviewed many of the industry's heavyweights, such as Richard Heart, BitBoy Crypto, John McAfee, and many more, along with over 20 global crypto companies.

Make the first step today to the rest of your life and join us on this journey!


Darko is a professionally trained actor and cryptocurrency enthusiast hailing from Australia. He has 16 years of experience working in the television and media industry. He is the Founder of Crypto Tonight Youtube channel. He has also hosted videos for Crypto Express, Crypto Advance, Altcoin Buzz, Asia Blockchain Review, Huobi Global Live, and CoinMarketCap.

Crypto Tonight is a proud member of the McAfee Alliance, personally inducted by John McAfee himself! Darko is currently a Key Opinion Leader for Philippines based company SparkPoint Global Ventures. He is also Global Ambassador for Huobi Global Live, the world's 4th largest exchange by spot trading volume, and won the epic 'Best Empowerer Award' at the Huobi Influencer Awards Ceremony 2022.


Rob is the Director of Vacant Minds Media and LoggiaOnFire magazine, and is based in the United States. He was the Campaign Manager for John McAfee's 2020 presidential campaign and Chief Operating Officer of Team McAfee.  He also served as Advisor for the Novus One project for two years. Rob is Co-Founder of Crypto Tonight Youtube channel.


Crypto Shows and Links

  • Crypto Tonight show - News and updates
  • Crypto Freakshow - Industry interviews
  • Crypto Degenerates - Laid back crypto talk
  • Vacant Minds Media
  • LoggiaOnFire magazine
  • Novus One - Privacy. Security. Freedom.
  • SparkPoint Global Ventures
  • Crypto Tonight Twitter Page
  • Crypto Tonight Telegram Community Group

Our Recent Work

Crypto Degenerates

Laid back crypto talk with Rob & Darko.

Crypto Freakshow

Industry interviews hosted by Rob & Darko

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